5 Warm and Cozy Fall Fabrics for Kids

Oct 12th 2022

There are so many fabric types to choose from when it comes to fall fashion. Comfy cottons such as corduroy, denim, flannel, fleece, and jersey provide the extra warmth as the temperature starts to plummet. And all these fabrics are even better suited to fall when they are woven in plaid prints. These cotton fabric choices all have one thing in common—they are easy to wash and care for, making them ideal for children’s clothes. So, what is it exactly that we love about these fabrics? Here’s a quick breakdown.

Corduroy is durable due to its signature rib, which is woven from three sets of yarns. It’s a favorite among moms for function and fashion, especially as the weather cools. Corduroy is not just for pants—skirts, dresses, shirts, and coats made from corduroy are always in style.

Denim is a staple in autumn outfits and is durable for long days of play. This sturdy cotton twill fabric is one of the most popular fabrics worn in the United States. Denim is used in more than just classic blue jeans; you can find dresses, jackets, shirts, and more in a variety of colors and styles to suit any taste. It’s easy to clean (wash inside out to prevent fading) and doesn’t wrinkle.

Flannel is soft and cozy, made from 100% cotton, and gets softer as it gets older. The napped finish can be found on one or both sides and gives the fabric its signature fuzzy feel. It provides the perfect combination of warmth and comfort and is best known for plaid and tartan woven patterns that just scream fall.

Who doesn’t love a soft fleece sweatshirt or hoodie? Fleece is like a hug you can wear. Originally named after a sheep’s coat, today’s version is synthetic and is made by combing out fibers from fabric, creating an irresistible texture that’s soft to the touch. The best part? It’s as warm as wool but far less expensive and itchy. It’s also excellent for cold weather layering because of its breathability and ability to retain heat.

Kids' Fleece Clothing

And let’s not forget jersey—especially a heavy-weight jersey that provides just the right amount of stretch so your child can easily move in their clothes. Made from a simple knitted structure, jersey can be used for everything from T-shirts to sheets. Plus, it’s incredibly soft and low maintenance, which makes it an ideal fabric for busy moms who don’t have time to worry about wrinkles or stop by the dry cleaners.

With so many fabulous fall fabrics to choose from, your little ones will stay warm and cozy all season long. Wrap them up in corduroy or denim pants, a jersey top, a flannel jacket, and fleece-lined boots, and they’ll be the best dressed wherever they go this fall.

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