Back-to-School Essentials for the COVID-19 School Year

Aug 9th 2020

As the school year nears, parents across the country are facing a daunting task of deciding schooling options for their kids. Some kids are heading back into the classroom, others are continuing fully remote, and many are doing a combination.

No matter what your situation is, we’ve researched some of the best tips to help you and your kids stay safe for the upcoming school year.

Tips for In-Person Schooling

Sending your child back to school can be scary and filled with uncertainty. But there are a few things you can do to help ensure your child’s safety.

  1. Have 4-5 masks for your child. The CDC recommends that masks should be washed after each use. And since we know how dirty kids can get, having multiple masks can give you more time to wash in between wearing. You can find more information on washing masks properly here.

  2. Have a bottle of hand sanitizer in your child’s backpack and teach them when to use it. One of the most effective ways of preventing COVID-19 is washing hands and keeping the germs away. With kids using toys and interacting with others in the classroom, it’s crucial they have access to hand sanitizer.

  3. Ask your kids to wash their hands as soon as they come home. When your kids get home, you should remind them to wash their hands thoroughly with soap to remove the germs.

Need more information? You can find a full checklist from the CDC on what you should review before your kid goes back to school here.

Tips for Remote Schooling

Creating an at-home learning environment can be challenging, especially if you’re also working from home or if you have multiple kids. Here are a few tips to help create an environment everyone can continue to coexist in.

  1. Establish a daily schedule where you can plan in the learning time but other fun activities such as recess and craft time. Make it interactive and allow your child to help you schedule out the time, and provide them with their own clock so they can track the time with you.

  2. Create a learning space in the home. Find a space where all the school supplies will live and establish an environment that is meant for school-time and learning.

  3. Develop a reward system. It could be anything from fun stickers, to making a special snack. Keeping your kids encouraged during this uncertain time is key to keeping them engaged. Need some inspiration? You can find more tips here.

Creating Normalcy

Not only do you need to prepare for the schooling situation, you’ll also want to help create a sense of normalcy that they would have had in normal school years.

One way to help your kids get excited for the upcoming year is to get them new clothes for the school year. But with the current economy, it might be hard to find high-quality clothes but also within your budget.

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Another fun back-to-school tradition is taking that first day of school picture. Whether your child is learning remotely or heading back to the classroom, you can still keep those traditions alive!

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