Dress Your Kids in Stylish Clothes For Less

Oct 15th 2015

It’s been over a week now since my six year old son was dreading going to see The Nutcracker with his class. To him, ballet is for girls only, and he doesn’t like girls! Ten years from now, he will laugh if I tell him that he used to not like girls. It’s funny how kids change over the years. They grow and progress through stages in their lives so fast.

Because kids grow and change so quickly, their clothing needs to change to fit their appropriate age and styles. The same goes for toys and games. My son wears many sets of clothes for only a few months because he outgrows them so fast. As a mom, I want quality, brand name clothes for my kids, but they are just too expensive.

Why Buy Brand Name Kids’ Clothes?

Brand name clothes are stylish, well made, and higher quality than the no-name brand clothing. Their fabric is more comfortable and softer yet durable after many washes. You can keep clothes longer for the younger siblings or sell them to recoup some money. Also, quality details and cute designs on the garments make kids’ brand name clothing more stylish than off-brand. Unfortunately, these clothes come with premium price tags. I remember that my baby boy’s first pair of baby Gap jeans, which were 30% off, still cost me $32. And he could only wear them for three months!

Where to Buy Brands for Less?

Unless you can wait for store clearances at the end of season, the sale prices are still very high. I recently visited a Janie & Jack store at a local mall to check out its sale and was surprised with high prices. Cuffed jeans and a sweater were $22.49 and $32.99, respectively. The whole outfit for my six year old boy would have cost $55.48 plus tax. That’s too expensive for me! However, instead of waiting for store clearance sales, you can check the off-price stores like Ross and Marshalls. Another option is to visit your local kids’ consignment stores for brand name gently used kids' clothes. They usually have a good selection of clothes that are in good condition.

An online site like Ebay is also a good place to buy used kids’ clothing, but the site can be overwhelming and time consuming for busy moms because of its auctions. This is why lots of moms turn to kids' online resale store, like BerriKidsBoutique.com, to find brand name, gently used kids’ clothes for a fraction of the retail price. Berri Kids Resale Boutique makes life easier when it comes to dressing our children in quality and cute attire. When you buy on BerriKidsBoutique.com, you’re assured that you’re buying brands that you know and trust. All items listed for sale are hand-selected and must pass its rigorous quality control standards.

So, for your next shopping trip, before you hit the crowded mall with a cranky kid, visit Berri Kids Resale Boutique and see how much stuff you can buy while also saving money.