Used Clothes Let Your Kids Be Kids!

Jan 23rd 2019

Why are used kids’ clothes the perfect choice for your family? Because kids will be kids!

For example, this scenario we’re all familiar with: a young family goes to a restaurant hoping to have a nice dinner. The hostess seats them, offering a few crayons and the kids’ coloring menu for the toddler. The struggle begins.

The little guy draws for a few seconds, then gets bored and starts bouncing on his knees, pretending to be a puppy. A few minutes later, he starts to color again, but this time with a “24-hour lip stain” he managed to sneak out of his mom’s purse. Now there is matte pink all over the table and all over his right sleeve.

Finally, dinner arrives. “Pasghetti” with a side of broccoli. And with every delicious slurp of a noodle, tomato sauce splatters from ears to ankles, ruining his cute little denim chambray shirt with greasy red polka dots. Still, Mom and Dad smile at their little man who finished all his broccoli...surprised when they buckle him into his car seat to find the pockets of his khakis stuffed with green florets.

Kids, right??

There simply are not enough stain sticks or knee patches to repair the damage our little ones do to their clothes.

We don’t want them to destroy their pants…
but we do want them to play hard and have fun!

We’ll never get that permanent ink out of their tee shirts…
but we want them to draw and create!

We’re frustrated by the weird things in their pockets that go through the washer and dryer…
but we want them to appreciate, collect, and find beauty in the world around them!

We know we may never get those tomato stains out…
but we really want them to eat their fruits and vegetables.

And we want them to look cute and be comfortable…
but children’s clothes are so expensive!

These are the reasons to shop used clothes for children. Smart parents bypass the expensive department stores and opt instead for high quality used boys’ and girls’ clothes. And online second-hand stores like Berri Kids Boutique can give your kids the great style you want without the great big price tags you don’t! This means they can play hard and ruin outfits without wreaking havoc on your budget!

Children grow up so fast. Buying used kids’ clothing lets you stay budget-conscious and stress-free, all while letting your courageous, curious, creative cuties enjoy being kids as long as possible!

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